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A wonderful free YCH from Obscvritas! 
Go and check!

FREE YCH  [ I'm back ] - CLOSED by obscvritas
Join to an awesome race in Colderra! 
Breathtaking lava and snow landscapes | Scary lava spirits | Run between rock and ice

JUDGED! Mini-event! Wolf's run! by Brissinge
Super point raffle! 

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Wonderful Christmas Raffle by Rexyak! 
1 or 3 (25%) dires will be raffled (depends on how many we are)

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Also you Keimi9103 v.v
I've seen some people doing this and, since the moment today is my birthday... why not? And if it's possible I'm happy to return the favor ^^

Now, just for you my holiday/b-day wishlist! :D

DARPG Related
A Wiltshire or two (preferably liver, black, grey or blue)

TOKOTA Related 
A marked collared brown (OR greying brown) w/ accents geno
A curly, barbary and/or bobtail 
A toki 
A dire

ART for my OCs and ARPG characters. Also collab or art trade

KUKURI Related 
The most beautiful possible gift...
A para horn, fluffy tail, floppy ears geno (preferably Crimson, Ebon Crimson, Amber or Raven)
Prefered markings: Dalmation, Hood, Smoke, Pangare, Underbelly, Painted, Siamese, Snowflake, Luminescent
I have seen this combination of horn, tail and ears in a ota but a more skilled girl bought it but I fell in love with it, too cute °^°
Or maybe enything with droop ears, fins horns, silken, fluffy or short tail (non all in one kuku)

And a good day and wonderful holiday time to everyone! 

Draw you own Okaris in this MYO! 
Try your best and try fast, the MYO ends in two days!

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